Novaporte (The Port of Sydney) will be the last major new port to be developed on the Eastern seaboard of North America in our lifetime.

Technical feasibility study gets funding

April 18, 2016 – China Communication Construction Company and Harbor Port Development Partners agree to fund technical feasibility study for NOVAPORTE

In his role as International Advisor to Harbor Port Development Partners (HPDP)​, The Right Honourable Jean Chrétien, former Prime Minister of Canada and Albert Barbusci, founding Partner of HPDP​ met with President Chen Fenjian of China Communication Construction Company (CCCC) and much of Chen Fenjian’s senior management team. This meeting took place April 18th​ 2016 at CCCC’s headquarters in Beijing. The meeting formalized CCCC’s role in preparing the technical feasibility study for NOVAPORTE (the name of Sydney’s new container terminal). CCCC through its subsidiary ​will also supply state of the art cranes and other related equipment for the project. It is expected that ​CCCC will be an equity partner and ​play an important role in both the engineering and construction of the new port. Both former Prime Minister Chrétien and President Chen Fenjian’s of CCCC emphasized the opportunity for China and Canada to cooperate in financing and building future infrastructure projects. China Construction Communications Company is the largest engineering and construction firm in the world.